Pumpkin Frittata

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Little story before I launch into the recipe for this one – this week I saw a picture/recipe for cauliflower cheesecake. Yep vegetable as a cheesecake and given that I am always on the lookout for ways to eat more veges, this was a little exciting.

So I did a bit of research and found talk about it way back in 2009 and then there were one or two more recipes since then and I thought – why haven’t I noticed this before? Where have I been?

Some of the recipes have cheese in it as well, and as I am eating a little less dairy lately (story of why in a future post,) this was no good to me. But I found one without additional cheese and so I gave it a whirl.

What a pile of yuk! OMG it was terrible.

Talk about a waste of other good ingredients. It was so bad that I couldn’t even eat it to not be wasteful. The unmistakable sharpness of cauliflower came through the vanilla and sweet additions. I even added a bit of cacao to try and block out the cauliflower taste but it was pointless. Just totally hideous.

So this is a lesson in follow people/chefs/healthy types you trust and know that their recipes taste good. There is no point making a ‘healthy’ recipe if it tastes like a pile of crap.

So…on to a tried and tested recipe that tastes awesome!

I love Frittata because while it takes a bit to put together, it lasts for nearly a week in the fridge for a quick lunch, lazy dinner or to take to work or for the school lunch box. And I eat it hot or cold and sometimes with a bit of sweet chilli sauce.

Pumpkin Frittata

Serves 6 (or 2 for a few days yay!)

8 eggs
1 cup of cubed lightly steamed pumpkin
1 cup of boiled potatoes chopped roughly
2 handfuls of chopped spinach
1 brown onion
1 TBS butter
Herbs of your choice (see below)

Chop onion finely and fry in butter until soft and just starting to brown.

Spread this mixture in 25cm x 25cm greased glass baking dish.

Scatter pumpkin, potatoes, and spinach over onions.

Whisk eggs and pour over the top.

Add salt/pepper to taste.

Bake in oven uncovered for 30 mins at 200 C

Herb notes:-

Now I didn’t want to add herbs to clutter up the ingredients list and make people think – well I don’t have that fresh parsley or whatever, so I can’t make it. The herbs you add, either fresh or dried are entirely your choice. Some people love herbs and know exactly what goes with what dish and some are clueless, so to help those along who are not entirely sure what to do, here are some suggestions:-

Suggested herbs:-

Flat leaf parsley (dried or fresh)
Chives (dried or fresh)
Coriander powder (dried only)
Sweet paprika (dried only)

Traditionally this dish is ‘everything in the frying pan and then grill the top’ still in the pan. However you have to watch over it the whole time, it has to be in a special pan that won’t melt the handle. So basically it is a pain in the A. This way is a little more simple, fry/assemble/bake, which is more my lazy style!

While this is a really basic version, and when I was eating dairy I used to put cheese in it, whatever your eating style, you can mix it up more if you get bored or depending on what you have in your fridge/pantry…

Add a handful of sliced mushrooms in the onion frying section.
Add sliced capsicum or fresh asparagus in the onion frying section.
Add garlic in the onion frying section.
Add sweet potato with the pumpkin or substitute.
Add Parmesan cheese or other types of sharp cheese.
Add tuna or smoked salmon.
Add zucchini – grated and the liquid squeezed out.
If you are a meat eater add bacon, ham or cooked chicken strips.
Add olives, anchovies, pickled peppers, sun dried tomatoes or any kind of tasty options you normally use in your household.
Add 2 TBS pesto in the onion frying stage.
Add 1 cup of grated tasty cheese
Add ½ cup of crumbled feta
Add 2 TBS nutritional yeast instead of cheese if you are vegan or paleo

The options are endless!

So what is your favourite way to make Frittata?

Kristy xxx

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