Clean Food Clear Thinking – by Karina Francois

Clean Food Clear Thinking

I was excited to be given the opportunity to read a new book called Clean Food Clear Thinking by naturopath Karina Francois. From the title alone I knew I was in the right place. As soon as you open the book and are hit with the glowing testimonials, it enhances that feeling even further.

Within the first few pages Karina’s warmth and absolute care for her patients oozes out. When you are out of sorts with your body and feeling poorly, having someone who actually cares about getting you back to your vibrant self, rather than just trying to sell you something, is a rare find. Usually this caring quality comes from a person who themselves have experienced health wars and this is true for Karina too.

In fact, it was the impetus to start her health crusade and studies of naturopathy, iridology, herbs, nutrition, homeopathy, and more.

The book gives an overview of the areas everyone should consider with regard to their health both physical and mindset, and some basic exercises to start you thinking in the right direction. There are also two weeks of a suggested eating plan, parts on food sensitivities and her favourite recipes.

But the one thing that stood out to me most, was her desire for you to learn what she knows and empower you with the knowledge to take care of yourself for life. This is so different to most practitioners who gloss over the detail and just issue a prescription, or the weight loss companies who would just rather you buy their product for life. She is interested in you knowing how to care for yourself and taking responsibility for yourself, which is a breath of fresh air and how it should be. Teaching people to fish as it were.

While overall the book is fairly easy reading and enjoyable, there are some technical parts that made my eyes glaze over and go get a cup of tea! (But that’s just me!) However it is illustrative of the depth of Karina’s knowledge and understanding of the body and mind and it’s functional parts and synergies, so she is a valuable asset to have on your wellness team.

If you have health and/or weight loss issues, this book will certainly start you on the right path of steps to take both physically and mentally to move in a better direction.

And now, one of the recipes in the book that just stood out for me because of its simplicity. I don’t think I even like fennel but if Karina’s kids like it, then surely I will too…

Fennel Salad

1 fennel
1 orange
1 red onion
lemon juice
celtic salt & pepper
olive oil

Wash the fennel and cut the upper stems. Cut to the middle and slice finely.
Peel the orange, remove seeds and cut into small cubes
Peel onion, cut finely and mix everything together.
Dress with lemon juice, salt, pepper and olive oil to taste
If you were struggling any health issues at all, Karina would be the one to help you find the cause.

The book is available now at

Healthy, happy,


Kristy xxx

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