White Chocolate Spiders


Do you remember the White Chocolate Spiders recipe from years ago that was basically melt white chocolate, add peanut butter, tip in crunchy noodles and that was it? I used to love them and then feel sick afterwards from all the crappy stuff in it.

Of course these days the only ingredient I still eat is the PB – which is not Paleo, too high in Omega 6, has phytic acid which blocks mineral absorption and may or may not have a fungus that makes people highly allergic to it. Eeek!

Oh well, I don’t claim to be a clean eating saint. I do what works for my body in terms of the reaction it gives me after eating certain foods. And pleased to say PB gets the all clear for me. Whew! Thank goodness, as it is a taste I love.

So I wondered if we could make this old treat more healthy and still get a similar taste, and of course we can! Let’s get cooking…

White Chocolate Spiders

2 inch x 2 inch square of cacao butter

1 TBS peanut butter

1 TBS rice malt syrup

½ cup toasted slivered almonds

How you do it…

Melt cacao butter in double boiler.

Then take off heat and stir in everything else.

Spoon out teaspoons full on a tray or in small cup cake papers.

Refrigerate for 30 mins.

Love, love, love. Beautiful with a cup of tea.

Cherry Blossoms,


Kristy xxx

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2 thoughts on “White Chocolate Spiders

  1. Samantha

    Are you able to provide an amount in grams for the cacao butter please?
    The cacao butter I have is in irregular sized/shaped chunks.
    P.S. I absolutely love your sesame snaps!

    1. slimbirdy Post author

      Hi Samantha, Thanks for stopping by! It would be a half a cup which is 120g. Happy cooking. Cheers Kristy


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