Set yourself up to win at weight loss

win at weight lossHaving experienced many failed attempts to lose weight over the years, there is one important snippet of advice I wish I knew way back then. Set yourself up to win at weight loss.

It would have saved me years of heartache.

So I know most people don’t learn unless it’s by experience but why go through the pain if you are open and ready to learn now from someone else’s pain? You can thank me later!

By setting yourself up to win at weight loss, what I mean is don’t make it so hard for yourself that you require super human strength, buckets of determination and willpower of steel to stay on any new fangled weight loss plan.

Make it easy for yourself. It’s not a race and you don’t need to be an Olympic standard athlete to lose weight. Or train like one.

For example if you currently do no exercise at all, why on earth would you sign up for boot camp type training? It’s going to be hard, you will hate it, feel humiliated, hopeless and useless and guess what? You will quit and feel worse than you did before. Excellent.

Why would you do that to yourself?

Maybe because you think you should? Should want it, should like it, should do it to lose weight? It’s not true you know. To lose weight there is no requirement to do hard physical exercise via, gyms, bootcamp, running or any type of pain whatsoever. Mild, gentle movement would be recommended, but anything else – not necessary.

The weigh loss reality TV shows have a lot of answer for – makes good TV to see people suffer, cry and scream and supposedly reach their goal in that controlled environment but the stat’ is that something like 90% of the contestants on the programs worldwide put all their weight back on – so don’t be following that example whatever you do.

So in this scenario, if you were setting yourself up to win, your first step might be adding in a 10 min walk somewhere in your day where it fits in your lifestyle. If you hate getting up earlier or you live somewhere it’s crazy freezing in the morning, then do it at another time. Go at lunchtime and maybe add in a 30 min walk on the weekend when you have more time.

Then maybe add in 10 standing squats. You don’t have to get on the floor, you don’t need any special equipment, and you can even just do it at work when you go to the bathroom. Just add little things in that you can do every day.

So easy you don’t even notice

What you will find is that you won’t need that super human willpower to keep it up because you start feeling better, feeling a little stronger, and feeling happier within yourself because you have followed through with something. You’ll start feeling a bit pleased with yourself that you are winning finally and all this feel good stuff spurs you on to add a few more things in. Very soon you will want to do it because it feels so darn good. All the time!

Not a ‘suffer now for some future gain’ scenario, which most likely you trash because it feels too crappy for too long before you get to the good stuff. Not enough reward for the perpetual suffering. A big no thanks.

Another example is trying to tame your sweet tooth. Again setting yourself up to lose would be to try and stay away from it completely. Banning yourself from having the chocolate, cake, biscuits, ice cream you love and restricting yourself when you’d really rather be indulging. Again requires super human willpower, strength and determination and more often than not results in bursts of binging because you just can’t stand it any more. Hello! Been there.

Again, too hard, too painful, takes too long before you get to the reward part and most likely to fail making you feel terrible all over again.

A little every day

So the logical approach would be to have a bit every day, and learning how to make Sweet Treats with nutrients in them so it doesn’t send me off into a frenzy of having to eat more at any cost, is an example of how to set yourself up to win at weight loss.

Learn how to make one or two of these desserts/treats, do the easy ones that take no time at all, have them on stand by so you can treat yourself every day and still lose weight. Complete win/win and happy you all the way all the way to slim – Yahoo!

So remember, you are not a failure at this weight loss thing; you just haven’t found the way that works for you yet. The big hint is that it should feel good all the way through, not just at the end.

Love to hear your stories about how you set yourself up to win.

Learn and love it.

Kristy x

Update 2020 – I have found the perfect way to win at both diet and exercise following the inspiration of Dr Ray Peat. Click here to read more about the books available to get started today.

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