Activated Nutrients – the new wholefood kid on the block…

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So I had this writing project sitting there for a while, however my slices and chocolate experiments kept snapping my attention (I wonder why??) Delicious much?

Anyway, with a self imposed deadline looming, today was the day.

So I had a whiff of the green powder and I thought, “uh oh, quite heavy and earthy smelling.” But probably a good thing though, choc full of amazing things – which is great as long as you can get it down!

So I mixed a heaped teaspoon of it into water and this stuff is really dark green. (Double uh oh based on past experience – I think it was with pure Spirulina last time where the aftertaste was so bad, even disguised in a fruit smoothie, that I just couldn’t bear it and ended up putting it on my plants!)

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Yep, so it looks a bit like dirt. But wait…

So I took a gulp and it’s rich and earthy all right, but has a minty/pineapply flavour, which is bearable, and no lingering aftertaste which is wonderful. However it is still preferable to disguise it in something like freshly squeezed orange juice, as it isn’t something you want to savour.

healthy, nutrients, wholefood, actived nutrients

In water it looks like dirt & grass clippings. But wait…

I added some freshly squeezed lemon juice and skolled it all down.

What happened next though was truly amazing to me.

I was a bit groggy still from just waking up, but almost immediately I could feel my head clearing and my senses sharpening within about 30 seconds. I thought, “hello! This is pretty cool.”

I headed off for my usual morning walk and progressively felt more and more energetic and alive. I have a track through bushland behind my house, all paved and beautiful (so lucky) and there is one part where I can deviate and also do a couple of hill streets that get me huffing and puffing and are the only hills on my otherwise flat walk.

I usually have a deal with myself that if it is overcast and the hot sun isn’t beating down on me (I live in QLD where it has been 30 degrees every day for about 6 months now) then I do the hills, but lately even when the overcast opportunity presented itself, I didn’t feel like it and didn’t do it.

Today however was different, I felt like it and was raring to go. Up and down the hills without a hint of hesitation. Back home and I am usually a little tired after my hour-long adventure but not this time. I felt like I could do it all again.

I even sat down to write this straight after the walk. Normally I dilly dally a bit, read a few news stories first and procrastinate but not this time – it was like laser focus.

And believe me, I’m not making this up. I am really in tune with how my body feels after certain foods; in fact it’s the whole premise on which Slim Birdy is based. It helped me get to my ideal weight and this healthy point in my life and once I stumble across things that help me maintain or even improve this fantastic state, I’m all over it like a rash.

So these guys are onto something big. The product itself is called Activated Nutrients – Daily Superfood for Women (and they have another specific formulation for men.) It is a combination of vitamins, super greens and pre & pro biotic all in one – which is new. Most companies have all these products separated. The major huge factor though, is that it is all made from wholefood.

Did you know that nearly all vitamins and minerals are synthetic?

How is that supposed to work properly with your body? That’s the thing – they don’t, which is why this kind of breakthrough is so important. The company itself is actually quite outspoken about the whole synthetic side of vitamins and championing the purest of wholefood nutrients for the benefit of everyone’s health. Finally a company who cares!

Some of the benefits of the product listed include:-

Reduction of tiredness and fatigue
Collagen formation
Hormone regulation
Fat metabolism
Mental performance

And certainly within one single dose, I felt some of the effects of these. Now I’m excited to finish the whole batch and see what else it can do!

Luckily too, the product is now available in Australia on line at – now that I feel this good, when I need more, I know where I’ll be going!

Buzz, buzz,

Kristy xxx

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