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So following on from last week’s Oat Snap Cookies recipe, I promised another version for those who don’t do grains at all and so here it is.

Did you actually know that it’s Coeliac’s Awareness week this week? Following on from my story on Dangerous Grains, the more people that know about this stuff the better, rather than people suffering in silence not knowing what’s wrong with them. Some of the symptoms can include:

Diarrhea or constipation
Bloating & flatulence
Abdominal pain & weight loss
Fatigue & weakness
Nausea & vomiting

Which are common symptoms of many other things too, which is why it is sometimes tricky to diagnose. The crew at Coeliac Australia recommend that people get tested to know for sure and the thing is too, many people don’t have fully blown Coeliac’s but have a gluten sensitivity which causes other dramas. But keeping away from gluten has never been easier with companies like Orgran responding to the call. They make all kinds of gluten free and allergy free stuff, which is awesome of them because the only known way to stop Coeliac’s is to live a gluten free lifestyle forever. So a big thumbs up to Orgran for all the choices!

Like a joke comment I saw on facebook said,

“ a huge thanks to all the hypochondriacs, look how awesome the gluten free section is in my supermarket!”

Anyway, so if you have any issues with grains as I do, I hear you, so let’s make that cookie without any grain!

So, I was having this great cooking experimentation day. Was totally in the mood and I had all these ideas I wanted to try. The first one was that Oat/Banana disaster, so after one bite they went straight in the bin. Luckily I only test in tiny quantities because if it’s a dud like this one was, then I don’t waste too much food. Normally I eat it even if it isn’t quite right but I don’t normally eat either of those ingredients, so not this time.

Then it morphed into the Oat Snaps, which were such a success that it got me really excited. And my mind kicked into overdrive thinking – ‘what if I put in that instead,’ ‘and what about that?’ And I swear if I didn’t get tired or over it – which ever came first – then I would keep going because it’s such fun. Luckily it only took 2 mins to mix it together and about 15 mins in the oven, so I could try a few in a row.

The next trial was another bin job. I really, really hate Coconut Flour. Everything I try with that is a disaster. Always dry and tasteless, it must suck the sweetener out into some other universe, as it is always terrible. I’m sure it’s just me doing it incorrectly but if it’s that finicky and technical, then I don’t want to know about it. Next!

butter, snacks, healthy, school snack, So then I gave shredded coconut a whirl. Same theory as the oats one, just one different ingredient and… heaven. It had more of the delicate texture like the sesame snaps and so it’s more of a something sweet to have with a cup of tea, rather than a more hardy biscuit. But do I look like I care???

So let’s get cooking…
Coconut Snaps

2 TBS butter (or coconut oil if you need dairy free)
1 TBS rice malt syrup
½ cup shredded coconut

Soften or melt butter, add other ingredients until all wet.

Place teaspoons full on silicon baking paper lined tray. Allowing room to spread.

180C (360F) oven for 12 minutes

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These guys are like the sesame snaps in that they will spread a lot and join together. This is fine; just allow to cool fully before attempting to snap them into pieces.

Also you are looking for a toasty golden colour of the coconut. If 12 minutes doesn’t do it with your oven, check at 2 min intervals until you get the desired effect.

coconut, grain free, gluten free, dairy free, nut free, healthy, school snack


My taste testers nodded in agreement with the light sweet texture. Totally a winner, and no grain or gluten. Booh-ya!
Loving it!

Kristy xxx

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2 thoughts on “Coconut Snaps – grain free, gluten free, nut free – yum!

  1. Sam

    I was thinking of making a second lot of the oat snap cookies today, when I saw this recipe using the shredded coconut. So off I went to make these instead, double the recipe again! They didn’t hold the butter as well as the oat ones did, so I ended up with quite a bit of crunchy caramelised bits without any coconut. Still ate all those of course, plus a few of the very moorish coconut snaps. I’ll have to remember not to make these again when I’m alone in the house!

    1. slimbirdy

      Love it that you try them all! Not sure why it spread beyond the coconut. Maybe there is room there for an oat and shredded coconut one combined? I love your ideas too on the cinnamon and ginger powder! Awesome. I tend to stay away from them initially as hubby doesn’t like it but I do. So for my next batches I will have to try it. I hear you about the moorish part – when I am making my snacks for the week I tend to make more of the PB slice and stack it full of nuts and protein powder so it’s really filling and I don’t want more. The light crispy snacks tend to do that too me too. Oh well, at least we are aware! Happy cooking!


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