Oat Snap Cookies


Ok so it’s true, I don’t eat grains. So you may be thinking, what the hell is she doing with oat cookies then?

Before you say hypocrite with a capital H, let me explain.

So I am in heaven with all my nut, seed and chocolate creations – go peanut butter! But hubby can’t tolerate any in that list – so more for me, yay! Oops, I mean… poor thing. But he is A-ok with some grains. We think there may be a gluten sensitivity in there somewhere, but we keep the bread etc to small portions and all is well.

And as for oats, one of their redeeming features is that they don’t have gluten – unless they are cross contaminated with other grains, which most oats are – but I sniffed out the Freedom brand which covers all that nonsense, so we are covered from all angles.

So the inspiration came from wanting to make him a sweetish snack like I enjoy with ingredients that he can actually eat. So I went in search of oat cookies because oats are pretty safe for him. So I came across the 2-ingredient recipe – happy bells ringing already with the simplicity – of the banana and oat cookie. Mash banana, oats in, cook for about 15 mins and hey presto!


I figured the sweetness of the banana was supposed to have that angle covered as well as the sticking together part. Other people put other mix-ins too like chocolate chips or nuts – but no and no for me, as he can’t eat those.

So I tried it and…

…what kind of cross between sawdust and sponge is that supposed to be? It was terrible! And here was blog after blog espousing how delicious they were. On what planet?

I even tried to add a bit more sweetener to see if that was the problem but still – errrrk! They taste like they are stale straight out of the oven and very quickly deteriorate after that.

I didn’t think I was a fussy eater at all – I can eat tuna and cucumbers for dinner 5 nights in a row – but there is something that just gets me when the texture is wrong and believe me, this was all kinds of wrong and tasteless too.

So then I got to thinking, the best shortbread in the world has only about three ingredients – butter, sugar and flour – so what would happen if I put butter, rice malt syrup and oats? Kind of like the sesame snaps. I wondered if it would stick together without flour. Good chance because the sesame snaps do. When that rice malt syrup heats up and turns to toffee, everything seems to stick. (Well you remember the paper fiasco! Everything sticks!)

So I tried it and….

OMG! It is amazing. Tastes delicious, is super crunchy. It spreads out quite a bit but still holds a bit of its shape too. It is like the most amazing light velvety biscuit you’ve ever tried. Perfect texture, taste and only 3 ingredients! Kind of like Butternut Snap biscuits, but better.

I am all for simple recipes and definitely in favour of healthy ingredients going in, however unless the end result competes with the likes of junk food in taste, then people are going to run screaming away from healthy food. It’s like when people think eating healthy is lettuce leaves and nothing else – that oat/banana cookie is the equivalent of that.

So on to the taste sensation…

 Oat Snap Cookies

½ cup oats

2 TBS butter

1 TBS rice malt syrup


Melt the butter.

Then mix everything together.

Take teaspoons full and place on a paper-lined tray, giving room to spread.


Flatten out a little.

Bake for 12 mins at 180C (360F) – now watch them as your oven may be different than mine. You want to see a beautiful golden colour.

Then don’t touch them until they cool completely.


Perfect for the kid’s lunchboxes as they won’t melt in the heat.

And for those who steadfastly don’t do grains, I have a follow on treat for you next week. This one was equally super delicious in its own way. I didn’t even have time to take a picture of these ones before they were all munched, so I will have to make them again – what a shame!!! Ha ha.


Kristy xxx

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7 thoughts on “Oat Snap Cookies

    1. slimbirdy

      Yay! I’m glad they worked for you. I tend to write my recipes only in small batches because that’s how I experiment and I don’t waste too much if they don’t work. But I agree, this one was worth doubling up. Thanks for your support.

      1. Sam

        Yes – makes sense to try smaller batches first. I also added a little cinnamon powder, and some ginger powder, just as a bit of a flavour experiment. My husband finished the first batch off today, and my son enjoyed them a few times during his school day. Will need to make some more now!

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