But oats are good for you…..

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Aaaahhhhh! Oats are coming at me from everywhere – instagram recipe images, friends, daily health snippets and they are touting them as the healthiest breakfast to eat ever.

From the nutrition facts I can see a bit of Iron and a bit of magnesium, some protein and fibre and a whopping lot of carbs. Apparently they help reduce cholesterol in the arteries, something to do with the fibre.

More claims are that they digest slowly, making you feel more full for longer.

Then why is my experience with oats completely the opposite? Tell me that?

If I eat them I am hungrier much faster than if I had something like eggs or cheese. And it’s not a gentle, ease into….’well I think I am a little hungry I could eat something now’ type of hunger. It’s a completely ravenous, ‘OMG! where is the food, I’m starving type of hunger.’

Then worse still they make me bloated, crampy, uncomfortable and just not at ease at all. Have you seen the way that dried oatmeal sticks to the bowl? It’s like super glue – so what’s it doing to your insides? And it makes me constipated – no wonder!

A single serve packet I had said 19grams of carbs in a 34gram pack of oats.

19 grams!!!

As I am mostly interested in weight loss and maintenance as well as health, the carb level per day to lose weight was 20g of carbs a day and so this one sachet has like your whole daily allowance of carbs! No way.

Blowing it already! I would have no hope to lose weight eating this stuff. Nada.

And I have low cholesterol anyway, so that benefit is wasted on me.

So this is a lesson in don’t always believe what you read. Not all foods claimed to be healthy may actually be a match to you. Listen, learn, believe or don’t believe and try it if you want to, for an experiment. Then feel what happens and determine by how it feels for you whether it’s right or not.

For me oats are totally not a match for my hunger pangs, for my gut health or for my weight loss goals, so they get a big miss for me.

If I feel like a ‘cereal’ type taste then I soak a few sunflower seeds, nuts and raisins overnight, then add coconut milk and fresh strawberries and blueberries. Low carb, satisfied for hours, no gut issues and right on track! Ya ya ya!

What other ‘healthy’ foods just don’t do it for you?
Kristy xxx

PS: 2017 update – I am no longer low carb but I still don’t eat oats. Just a personal choice.

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