In search of savoury crackers…

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Onion Salty Crackers

It’s true, most of my recipes are for sweetish stuff, as is my preference. However not everyone is the same and I have been asked a few times if I had any more savoury type snack options. I listed a few in my book Lite as a Feather, such as the Feta, Tomato and Olive sticks and Cheesy Chips on my blog. However a type of savoury cracker took my fancy and I wanted to make the simplest, best tasting one and so the experimentation began…

I went in search of others recipes to see what they do first and then usually I tweak it to suit me better. This time though I was a bit cocky and read a few and thought, no, I could just do this and this and it should be brilliant.

What I ended up with was a fantastic tasting pile of toasted seeds. Bahaha! Like Dukka.

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Didn’t stick together at all. There were two reasons for this and at this point I’m not sure if I need to resolve both or just one of these issues but I thought I would back up a bit and just make a couple of the other recipes as written first and stop being such a smart ass!

And so I did.

I tried this one…

And while it worked and they were crunchy and cracker like, there is something I really don’t like about coconut flour. It’s dry and drying and whenever I eat something with it in it, I need to have a big glass of water next to me to wash it all down. I found them a bit tasteless but that was because I left out the mustard because I didn’t have any – so no fault of the recipe there. And really sometimes you don’t want the cracker to have an overpowering flavour because you are using it to dip it into other things, which are flavoursome.


One other observation about this recipe too was that they cook it at 170C for 15 minutes and it tends to burn the outside edges first and leave the middle uncooked. It may be that I need to learn how to work my oven properly however I was reading that others had this problem too, so maybe it’s not me after all. But I’m going to try a lower temp for longer and see what happens there.

So if you are a coconut flour fan, give it a go. But for me, once is enough and besides it was really all seeds I was interested in anyway for the flavour factor.

So, roll up recipe number two…

Love, love, love the simplicity. It was easy, it worked, and it had the seeds in it that I was after. With this recipe you can actually put in any nuts or seeds that you liked which makes it super flexible but a bit hit and miss with the flavour – I find some nuts sweeter than others and so some wouldn’t work as well as a savoury cracker.

So we were getting closer, the seeds were there, the simplicity was there but I wanted to include the flavour that I managed to find with my pile of seeds, as that was super moreish. (Not in my out of control addictive kind of way, just in a super yum kind of way. Although these are toasted seeds we are talking about, so big potential to get out of control if you are that way inclined. So watch out.)

Now all of these tests took place over about a month and a half, because when I make them, I have to eat them all and when they are not my favourite snack in the world, that’s going to take some time. Luckily the girls at my part time job love taste testing too and they are more savoury inclined, so that’s handy. They loved every version and could imagine eating them with a dip and glass of wine, so all of these recipes are fine, I must be just super fussy or it’s just that if a savoury snack is going to switch me from the sweet side, it had better be damned good!

So test number three and this was the winner!

So this was the resulting recipe of my original pile of seeds and using both methods I knew were required to stick them together – namely to grind the seeds to make a type of flour and to add egg. And finally… success!

Onion Salty Crackers

What’s in it…

1 cup sunflower seeds
1 cup sesame seeds
2 TBS rice malt syrup
4 TBS butter
½ tsp Himalayan rock salt
¼ tsp onion powder
1 egg

How you do it…

Melt the butter and rice malt syrup over low heat until melted and simmering. Set aside.

Grind the sunflower seeds and sesame seeds in a food processor for about 3 minutes. Add the salt and onion powder.

Throw in the egg and melted butter mixture and whiz until sticks together.


Roll out between two pieces of parchment paper. (May need to do this in 2 batches as there is quite a lot.)

Place parchment rolled mix on a baking tray. Peel off top layer of paper.

Salt lightly over the top. Score with a knife or pizza cutter.

Bake at 120 C for 30 mins.

Allow to cool and break into pieces.

So these are perfect…crisp, light, flavoursome. Divine.

So I still had fun with the oven in that after 20 mins of cooking I had to break off the outside parts as they were already cooked, and leave the rest in for another 10 minutes. But the beauty of cooking on a lower temperature is that you have time to get it right and it makes the end result just browned nicely and super crunchy. Too high in temp and it just burns and stays chewy which is not what you are going for here.

So there you have it, I am happy with these but I will keep experimenting, as I believe the egg actually isn’t necessary – I know, I hear you questioning, “remember the pile of seeds???” And I sure do, but indulge me and I will report back.

One other part that gives me the heebee geebees is having to roll it all out. Sure the parchment paper makes it easier as this stuff is sticky and there is no flour in it so it’s not like you can flour the board before you start. But getting it all even is a pain; the edges are thinner than the middle, which makes the cooking issues even more pronounced. And sure I could spend a half an hour more rolling it better so that it’s all even, but you know me by now… I don’t wanna! So I have an idea to make it easier (‘cos easy is what slim birdy cooking is all about,) but I can’t reveal it just yet until I test it and demonstrate to myself that it actually works first.

So in the meantime get rolling and munching. You won’t regret it!

Happy days,
Kristy xxx

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