Because none of us are perfect… there’s Blackmores!

Even though I am interested in my health, I read books on health, magazines, write about it and enjoy talking about it, doesn’t mean my food intake is 100% on the health track all the time. I do my best (well actually really I do what I want to do,) but that doesn’t mean I am text book perfect with all my macros balanced and eating shed-fulls of spinach, kale and everything else you are supposed to be eating to get adequate vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

For one thing our food doesn’t have the nutrients in it that it used to have, we don’t have minerals in our soil anyway due to the lack of mountains in Australia, when you store food you lose some, when you cook it you lose some, so even if you were super conscientious, my bet is that you would still be missing something.

So I’m in favour of a few supplements. Not overboard mind you but a few things that help you feel your physical best. Interestingly too I have heard the scoffing, “yeah supplements, the most expensive urine.” But you know me, other people’s opinions don’t really sway me, it’s my experience and the real life experience of others to which I pay the most attention.

For example, for some reason I have always felt Vitamin C is important to my body and I take 4000mg a day. I never get sick, it helps with many bodily processes like elimination, cell repair and more recently has been touted to ward off cancer and I take the calcium/magnesium ascorbate version unflavoured which has less crap in it.

Now about five or so years ago I had a complete health check with a nutritional doctor who checked my levels of everything and she was shocked and surprised at my glowing report and especially the high levels of Vit C in my system. She was an advocate of intravenous Vit C for those who are low but obviously I didn’t need any. So my point is, if the nay sayers had any validity at all in claiming supplements don’t work, why is the Vit C I am taking present in my system and my immune system a tower of strength? Because I say it works for me. And you can be your own judge.

So when one of my favourite companies Blackmores came knocking, inviting me to try their new Vitality Super Greens product, I was there in a flash with bells on!

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Just a side story – I have always had a soft spot for Blackmores since some 25 years ago I entered a competition they were running to win a basket of their personal care products like face cream and cleansers etc. You had to describe an age-old remedy that was passed on through your family and I told them about my chilblain cure.

I lived in Geelong at the time, which is freezing most of the time and would always get those itchy chilblains from putting my ice cold feet near the heater to warm them up. And chilblains are like the worst mossie bites that never heal. So the remedy was to wrap your feet in cabbage leaves, put socks on and sleep with them on for a couple of nights in a row and gone-ski! Well they must have killed themselves laughing over the thought of cabbage feet and I won the competition! The gift was very much appreciated and these champions of health have been around for a long time!

Now back to Super Greens!

slim birdy, super food, super greens, blackmores, supplementsm healthy

First up I am a fan already because it is certified organic by the ACO. Gold star right there.

Then it has real food in it – you know all the things that you know you are supposed to eat but just don’t for one reason or another or not in the volume that would make any difference anyway – spinach, celery, spirulina, chlorella, kale, broccoli, wheat grass to name a few. There is some fruit, only a little; it’s also enriched with Vit C and zinc and I’m busting out another gold star for this one… sweetened with Stevia! Hooray! My favourite and one to not irritate anyone’s sugar issues.

Then down to the all-important taste of it. I think one of the off-putting things about fresh green juice and green smoothies when you don’t sweeten it much, is that earthy strong green taste with the lingering bitter after taste; it’s really a deal breaker. Sure you want to be healthy but not suffer in the process.

Here is where I am pleased to say Blackmores’ Vitality Super Greens is on to another winner. They have subtly added lemon and mint to ease the green taste and there is no lingering after effect. I am a fan of fresh lemon, so I also squeezed half a lemon in there too and it is light and refreshing and makes me want to go back for more.

I have tried it every day during the holidays for a week straight and I feel lighter, have more energy and it just feels like it is doing me the world of good. Apart from medically testing yourself every week, feeling good is really your only gauge.

So developing beneficial long lasting habits is the best way to weight loss and a healthy lifestyle change, and there is none easier than a couple of spoonfuls of Blackmores’ Vitality Super Greens in water or juice each morning and delaying your coffee just a bit. Just one step at a time, and as it makes you feel better and better, you just never know what you will be ready and willing to change next!

A big thumbs up from me, super nutrition in a glass that is easy to implement and tastes great. Another little tweak to your life that can make all the difference.

Bring it on!
Sunshine and super health,
Kristy xxx

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