Toasty Almond Fudge

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After the crazy food of Christmas it’s nice just to go back to basics and make a few simple sweet snacky things that you can reach for when feeling peckish. There is none more simple than a toasty nutty fudge to keep your body happy with good fats and ward off the hunger pangs for a couple of hours.

Toasty Almond Fudge
What’s in it…
1 cup almonds
¼ cup coconut oil
3 TBS Organic Maple Syrup
1 tsp cinnamon

How you do it…

Toast the almonds until golden. Allow to cool a little.

Whiz everything in a food processor until all stuck together.

Press in a lined tin. Chill.

Cut into slices.


May also be kept in the freezer.

It’s the toasting of the almonds that gives it a completely different taste to raw almonds, which is more marzipan-like. (Yukko for me!) Some say the nutrients go too when you toast it, however if you are concerned about that, only toast half the almonds and leave the rest raw so you can have your amazing taste and nutrients too.

Healthy snacking ahoy,
Kristy xxx

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