2015 – The year of ‘feeling’ your way…

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It’s Happy New Year time again! Are you excited?

Time to wipe the slate clean and all that.

Even after 40 odd years of happy new years, I still get excited. The same excited though as when I start a new notebook fresh and clean or start a new project. It’s somehow full of potential, possibilities and wonderful things, like feeling amazing.

This feeling stuff has more importance than you may think, it’s a huge sign post, a shining beacon of ‘feels good – yep this is the right way’, ‘not feeling so great – pick another direction that feels better.’ And the more you pay attention to it, it’s amazing how often you will end up exactly where you want to be.

Now as many of you know, I applied this theory of feeling my way to my weight loss, as years of trying to follow someone else’s diet, way of eating or exercising just didn’t work for me, mainly because I hated it all. And so if you are all motivated to start a new diet because it’s the new year or are gearing up to join the gym again for the 5th time because this time you think you will continue on with it, if that all falls through again by about the 10th January (like it used to do for me), I just wanted to give you another option…

Make 2015 the year of ‘feeling’ your way…

Every action you take, ponder how it feels to you.

Everything you eat – taste good? Feel good on the way down? How about the after effects – like pain, bloating, tiredness, hungry again within half an hour? Or energetic, pleasantly full and raring to go?

Exercise – do you dread going? Do you have to make yourself do it? Would you rather be doing something else? Does it feel like you are going to pass out when you are in the middle of it? Are you sore for days afterwards that it stops you from doing what you need to do? Or do you look forward to it, enjoy it, and plan your days around it?

These are just a few examples and every day, all day in fact, your body gives you messages, signs and signals of what it wants, needs and wishes you would give it to be at it’s best and feel amazing.

So what do you do?

Listen? Or Ignore?

A few examples of ignoring your highly intelligent body…

– feeling full but continuing to eat anyway
– eating a certain food and getting indigestion and doing it again
– drinking Port and getting a headache – but I need to finish the bottle
– really don’t feel like breakfast but the nutritionists say I should

And a little story…

There was a lady I used to work with named Debbie, she was overweight by at least 20kgs and would eat every birthday cake offering and feel full and sick afterwards, any chocolates going around she was into it, her family was into cake baking and so would tell tales of the monstrous cakes they would bake and eat. One day we had a staff member farewell, which was held at a lavish hotel buffet, the food looked and was amazing. Debbie had two or three plates full of the main stuff and the dessert buffet was this gorgeous array of tiny cakes, treats and sweets. It looked so good even I broke my normal ‘no sugar’ rule and had three tiny bits but Debbie and everyone else I might add, piled up their plates with about six little cakes and went back at least twice more to pile their plates high again. So well beyond the boundaries of being full, they were now in pain from their stomachs being extended so much that it was threatening to come back up again.

Now I’m not judging because in my lifetime I have done this countless times myself, the old Pizza Hut ‘all you can eat’ buffet with the endless dairy snow machine and not to mention Sizzler. I’ve been ‘sick full’ plenty of times; it’s something about a buffet that makes people a bit crazy and think they need to get their money’s worth.

However part of the tale I didn’t tell you was that Debbie was recovering from bowel cancer.

I remember saying to her once, “it’s totally ok to eat the wrong food for you occasionally because it makes you feel physically bad and reminds you of how you don’t want to feel any more.” She just laughed and said, “no, you just wait until you feel better and do it again!”

Again, totally not judging because I did this myself for years with my problem foods until I decided that I didn’t want to feel that way any more, and found out about my food addictions. But my point is that the signs from your body start out small like a slight headache, or a little cramping in your stomach and if you choose to ignore them, or just mask them, they will get worse and the pain will increase until it forces you to take notice. Or a serious disease suddenly appears. It seems like it is sudden but if you had been paying attention, you would notice that it had slowly been developing all along.

So don’t spend half your life tired, in pain or wait until you have a life threatening illness, tune in to your body now and care about how you feel. So what if it means having to avoid certain foods, there are enough super yum choices on the healthy side of the spectrum to keep everyone satisfied. So what if it means eating your normal small portion size at the buffet – there is enough food to enjoy next time.

The rewards are clarity, energy, feeling amazing, easily dropping your excess body weight, and melting away of any niggling issues. Sounds like a massive win to me!

Happy New Feeling Year!

Cherry blossoms,
Kristy xxx

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