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I worked out long ago the foods that work best with my body, mainly through trial and error and seeing how everything feels. The best feeling foods then resulted in easy weight loss, easy maintenance of my optimal weight, feeling amazingly healthy and no out of control cravings or binge eating because I was eating exactly what my body needed. Total bliss.

So to stay in this blissful state, I leave a whole lot of stuff out of my diet like sugar, grains, and most meat and stay as low carb as I can. As a result, I mostly cook at home; however sometimes you don’t feel like cooking (well for me that’s quite often – I have to be in the mood to cook) so at these times, take-away food is such a relief and a blessing. And you would think that with all the things I don’t eat, finding take-away food that keeps me on track would be difficult, but in fact the opposite is true.

Let me show you what I would choose…

Italian Food

In amongst all the pasta and pizza, the Italians also make fantastic fish dishes with loads of veges and beautiful sauces. I have always been able to find something to eat in Italian restaurants. It’s funny too leaning towards being vegetarian usually the vego options are carb filled vegetarian pizzas or pasta with a tomato sauce. When you know what you are looking for though, you can uncover the gold.

Brisbane – Kookaburra Café Paddington – Calamari Salad
Sydney – La Illtimo Café & Pizzeria – Garlic Prawns & Greek Salad
Melbourne – Café on Bourke – Calamari in Salsa & Garden Salad
Adelaide – Lakeside Café – Garlic Prawns & Grilled Vegetarian Salad,
Perth – Pasta Fiesta – Grilled Barramundi

Indian Food

Love Indian and when you scoot past the naan bread, pappadums and rice, everything else is weight loss heaven. They have super tasting vegetable based dishes as well as fish and prawns. There’s a complete feast to be had here.

Many who are still stuck in the ’80 diet advice time warp would exclaim “but what about all that cream?” The notion that fat makes you fat is completely trashed, it’s actually only bad fats that cause a problem and besides much of the Indian food is made with coconut milk or cream and the humble coconut has emerged in recent years as somewhat of a super food. So this option is a total winner.

Brisbane – Nataraja Indian – Prawn Masala, Raita & Salad
Sydney – Maya Tandoori – Tandoori Prawns & Saag Paneer (Spinach & cottage cheese)
Melbourne – Zam Zam Café Restaurant – Vege Korma
Adelaide – Urban India – Fish Tikka Amritsari & Raita
Perth – City Spices – Prawn Malabar

Thai Food & any Asian Cuisine

Lots of options here too that keep you on your wellness track. Again lots of tasty veges and fish type dishes available – just stay away from the rice.

Also I am a fan of no MSG (I can tell if food has it because the next day I wake up super dry in the throat and feel a bit hung over) and stay away from the sweeter sauces as they are likely to have sugar in them.

Brisbane – Thai on Brunswick – Fish Cakes & Pla Marnow (Steamed fish with lemon sauce)
Sydney – Eat Thai Darlinghurst – Betel Leaf Prawn, Stir Fried Mixed Seafood with Lime, Pepper & Chilli
Melbourne – Thai Culinary – Gado Gado, Thai Royal Green Vege Curry
Adelaide – Indochina Restaurant Unley – Sizzling bugs & Prawns
Perth – Lanna Thai Cuisine – Tom Kha Pak (Vege & mushroom)


Once again love this type of food and many would be shaking their heads at me… “but what about the cheese, sour cream, guacamole?” Yes, yes and yes, all allowed in my way of eating. Those with a dairy intolerance may not agree but fortunately that is not one of my issues.

There is a particular dish I love at Montezuma’s restaurant called Montezuma’s Delight, which is basically diced raw vegetables; it has some re-fried beans (which I normally don’t eat but full of protein, so no harm done there) and tastes amazing. I ask for extra sour cream and guacamole to slather on the top – now that’s what I call a salad!

Brisbane – Montezuma’s New Farm – Montezuma’s Delight of course!
Sydney – Mickey’s Paddington – Crumbed Zucchini, Pan-fried Salmon
Melbourne – Tapachula North Melb – Pumpkin Salad with Lagostina a la Plancha (Prawns with lemon & chilli)
Adelaide – Cha Chi’s Mexican Cantina – Chilli Wedges with Guacamole*
Perth – No Mexicans options unfortunately – found a gap in the offering!

* While I am usually low carb, I do eat potatoes and this was the best option for me at this restaurant.

So I love take-away food for my uninspired cooking times and can always find great things to eat that match my lifestyle. Finding a nearby take-away option has never been easier than with – I had no idea there were so many Indian restaurants near me! Great idea, lots of selections and so easy to use. I think I’m hungry now! Nom Nom.

Easy food time!


Kristy xxx

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