Chocolate Tweets…and a new buttery twist.

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One of my big revelations when I finally worked out how to lose weight was that you don’t have to completely give up the taste of the stuff you like to eat, while you are on your way. You just need to tweak it, so it goes from being junk food, which has no nutritional value, has toxins, and chemicals that your body can’t recognise, to something so amazingly good for you, tastes fantastic and has an automatic off switch, making binge eating or over eating a thing of the past. Meaning you can still eat it every day and still lose weight. Genius huh?

So one of the foods that most people absolutely love is chocolate.

Me included.

And when I see people all over Instagram or Facebook trying to ‘give up chocolate’ in an effort to lose weight, I cringe because I know all that happens is you can last for a while but then you crave it so much that you let yourself have it and most of us can’t just have two squares and leave it. Oh no, it turns into this cram fest that perhaps lasts just that session (stopping when you feel sick) or continues on eating more of it than you ever did before, because now the ‘trying to keep away from it part’ results in an equal but opposite extreme reaction of binging.

So to stop all that nonsense, the best thing to do is eat the healthy stuff every day or when ever you feel like it. That then keeps you satisfied and in a healthy relationship with food.

So if you love chocolate and want to lose weight as well, I recommend the first thing you do is learn to make your own from real, life giving and nourishing ingredients.

Luckily it is super easy to make too, so that it’s not a bother. Just melt and mix. I make a batch a week and have one or two every day. Who said weight loss needed to be restrictive? Not me!

Healthy, weight loss, cacao, losing weight, low carb

So one more thing I wanted to mention before we launch into the recipe is about Cacao Butter. This is in my recipe below and is in most chocolate that is creamy and delicious, however I was reading another low carb blog and they made chocolate with different ingredients and butter! Just normal butter instead of the cacao butter and so I gave it a go…

And well…it was different, somehow more rich and smooth and so I would make it again for sure but not necessarily completely replace my original recipe all the time. It’s just a fantastic option if you run out of Cacao Butter or if you find it too expensive and prefer to make chocolate without it.

So let’s get cooking…

Chocolate Tweets

¼ cup coconut oil

1 inch x 1-inch square of cacao butter

1 TBS raw cacao powder

2 TBS organic maple syrup (or honey)

1 TBS tahini*

1 TBS Peanut Butter*

pinch of Himalayan rock salt

(*use coconut butter instead to keep it completely nut and seed free. Coconut is actually a fruit.)

How you do it…

Melt cacao butter and coconut oil on very low heat or in a double boiler if you have a gas stove.

Take off heat and mix in the rest of the ingredients.

Spoon into cup cake papers. (Makes about 10-12)

Chill in fridge.

(So this is for just straight chocolate however when I make mine, I usually put all kinds of nuts and some raisins in the cupcake papers first, then cover them with the chocolate. Completely up to you.)

So easy and so rich and yum.

chocolate, raw cacao, losing weight, weight loss, healthy

While I have given this recipe before on facebook, I wanted to detail it again for the blog because it’s a staple in my diet and is included in many of my other recipes.

When you need a chocolate layer in slices, this is the recipe. When you make nut clusters, you just cover it in this chocolate. Chocolate covered PB balls, same recipe. Mint slice, take out the PB and put in peppermint oil – same recipe.

So the idea is to commit it to memory and make it as often as you can! For health reasons of course. Ha ha. And your sanity. Here’s to our health and happiness.

Love to see your versions when you make them! Post them on facebook so we can all see.

Chocolate & sunshine.


Kristy xxx

Original Slim Birdy recipe created 30 April 2011

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