Harvest Box…snack time!

HarvestBoxBox How cool are the crew at Harvest Box? Have you heard of them? Offering a great healthy alternative to junky snack food, they started out delivering boxes of their scrumptious combos of dried fruit and nuts to people, workplaces etc. who wanted an alternative to chocolate bars and chips.

It gained popularity, won many people over and has now morphed to include snack sized versions that you can take anywhere. Awesome!


I was invited to test a few and as the Snacking Queen, they’ve hit on the right person! From my overeating days, I now hate eating too much at once, it just makes me feel physically blah and as many of you know, I recommend eating every 2 hours, or at least allowing yourself to do this. Fuelling that hunger/metabolic fire often is a great way to lose weight and so having a different bunch of snack options is gold.

harvestboxraw Available in cute little 45g packs, these handy beauties can be stashed anywhere – I’m thinking handbag, glove box, pocket, back pack, school bag – take it to sport, to the movies, out walking, running errands, work, anywhere really.

And it always happens to me when I am out doing stuff, I invariably get hungry and run through in my head the options I can buy that are healthy, without necessarily being anywhere near my favourite health store. Fresh juices are great but they leave me hungry again in about 30 mins, so that doesn’t work. This is where nuts are perfect – full of good fats and other nutrients that keep me happy for hours.

Harvest Box

The great thing with Harvest Box is that there are so many varieties to suit everyone’s tastes, allergies, eating style, things they avoid – like me and sugar etc. There are some raw, some roasted. There are some with surprise chocolaty bits in it and those without. There is even one with seeds and yummy things and no nuts in case your child’s school has a no nuts policy. How great is that?

 Harvest Box Bowl

My favourite would have to be the ‘we love nuts’ pack – totally matches my Slim Birdy low carb eating style – a mix of Almonds, Cashews, Brazil Nuts (full of selenium great for your skin) and peanuts. It’s labelled ‘BOOST’ for a reason, lots of protein, good fats and essential minerals going on there. How does your snack compare?


So when healthy tasty snacks are as yum and convenient as junk food, now we’re talking about a real healthy body revolution.

So great job Harvest Box and if I am not mistaken, I saw them at my local Coles supermarket?

Happy snacking!


Kristy xxx

PS: I also love the descriptions – Glow, Vibrance, Boost, Memory, Energy, Radiance, Lustre, Bounce – all things I want in my life for sure!

PSS… How about a free offer?

Exclusive Offer for Slim Birdy Readers!

Try guilt-free snacking for free! Get a weekly selection of healthy Harvest Box goodies sent to your desk or home – just choose your delivery day, rate our menu of 55 nibbles and Harvest Box will do the rest. Try your first box for free here: FREE OFFER.

Harvest box free offer










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