Food Addiction – a scientific finding…not that I needed science.

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One of my favourite nutritionists Cindy O’Meara featured Dr Pamela Peeke on her blog who was responsible for writing the book The Hunger Fix, which is all about overeating and food addiction.

See! I knew food addiction was a real thing that was affecting me!

I knew even before someone else had to tell me, because I figured it out for myself. This is why how you feel has so much more credence than scientific stuff, which can take years to catch up with what people are experiencing. If I waited for a study to tell me how to fix myself, I would still be overweight and miserable now. That means I could have potentially wasted 10 years of my life waiting for someone else to figure it out for me. No thanks!

So apparently it has a scientific basis as to why certain foods are addictive for some people. Something to do with the chemical dopamine and neuroscience and rah, rah, rah – you know how I feel about too much science! Anyway, if you want to read more, this is the website: There is a great video clip from her appearance on the Katie show, which likens the addiction to drugs and explains why recommending moderation of the addictive substance is just not the answer. (A royal raspberry to all the ‘portion control, everything in moderation, pffft its not rocket science’ crew. It may not be rocket science but apparently it’s now neuroscience!)

Also it goes on to explain her methods for overcoming it. So read this clearly… ‘her methods.’ Now I haven’t read her book and from all the clips on her website, I can get a gist of what she is suggesting however as I mentioned before, I have figured this out for myself a long time ago and I plan to keep doing what works for me in spite of this new information. This is one big point I’d like you all to absorb…just because someone else says something, doesn’t mean you have to go do it. You can if you want to but don’t just follow blindly thinking it’s the answer to all your problems. We are all so different, so this can never be true.

When I was in my awareness phase, I could clearly tell which foods sent me off into a crazy tailspin and which didn’t and there was no other remedy for me, other than to avoid them like the plague. And when I did, I found peace, happiness, easy control of what I was eating, reduction to my goal body weight without even trying and finally the chance to live like a normal person. (More stories about this in my book – Lite as a Feather.)

Luckily though I am one who still can eat other sweet things like rice malt syrup and make my raw cacao chocolate and cheesecake and not have an addictive response but as Dr Peeke explained, there is a whole spectrum of people who show mild symptoms of it and those who are severely affected and for some then, my solution won’t work either. This is why it is so important to work it out for yourself. Try something, then feel if it works for you.

This is the best thing; you can be your own fantastic experiment. You can tell if a certain food makes you crazy and you can’t stop eating it. I guess the problem has always been in the past that people didn’t acknowledge that food addiction existed and the clear message from society was you just have to portion control it, have some willpower and discipline, which is clearly wrong, wrong, wrong for people in this situation. For people like me.

So now you know better. Food addiction is real and it may be your problem too. I’d love to hear your stories of foods that send you off on a bender.

Knowledge is power!

Kristy xxx

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