Carbs… holy moley!

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This week’s post is inspired by a friend of mine, who sent me a super healthy dessert suggestion – dates filled with almond butter and sprinkled with coconut. Yum for sure!

It reminded me again of all the people who are desperately trying to lose weight, choosing healthy foods over junk but still eating crap loads of carbs, not realising it may be holding them back and keeping them overweight. Despite their hard work, despite their efforts at trying to eat healthy, or portion control or calorie count or cut out fat or cut out sweets or do any of the hundreds of things people try, and try and try and it still doesn’t work, so they give up.

And it all just may be carbs.

I have written before about dates in particular because they seem to be in every healthy dessert recipe out there. 20 carbs per date people! That is the whole entire days worth of carbs for weight loss, in one mouthful! Say what? Yes indeedy. Already blown it. And you didn’t even know it!

Apparently the guide for weight loss is to keep your carbs down to 20 carbs a day.

Now some people say the whole low carb thing is rubbish however all I know is that when I learned a bit about it, just ate foods that were generally low carb and didn’t think any more about it, another 5kg (11lb) fell off me, and it would have been more but I was losing too much weight and had to add some back in! Imagine that?!

So when I have my own proof, I tend not to listen to the conflicting opinions/studies out there. And the tricky thing is that is doesn’t work for everyone. However what if it does work for you, but you just didn’t know about it and you have been struggling all this time for nothing?

I’d be pretty P O’d that’s for sure!

So if we explore some of the healthy foods that are high carb and unintentionally keeping you overweight or may be just slowing down your weight loss journey, you will probably be astounded like I was:-

(Approximate values but you get the idea…)

Brown rice – ½ cup – 22 carbs

Oats – ½ cup – 24g carbs

Rice milk – ½ cup – 12g carbs

Hummus – ½ cup – 20g carbs

Beans – ½ cup – 13g carbs

Lentils – ½ cup – 12g carbs

Dates – ½ cup – 60g carbs (OMG!)

Bananas – 1 – 21g carbs

Apple – 1 – 17g carbs

Bread – 1 slice – 14g carbs

Pasta – ½ cup – 20 carbs

And just for fun…

Tim Tams – 1 – 26g carbs (no way!!!!)

Most food has some carbohydrate component to it, so going low carb doesn’t mean you are not having any at all, however in your battle to lose weight if you were eating with your health in mind and had the following:-

1. beautiful oats for breakfast with bananas and rice milk

2. a lovely tuna pasta for lunch with veges,

3. maybe an amazing lentil curry with rice for dinner

4. an apple for a snack,

All portion controlled, calorie controlled, very virtuous from the health side of things, unfortunately you would still be eating a whopping 140g carbs in your day!!! I didn’t even add in the rest that would be found in the additional vegetables, sauces, or sweeteners you would have had in tea/coffee that day.

Do you see how crazy this is?

So what chance does your body have of melting away that fat if the carb levels keep over-providing the fuel and the left over fuel adds to your fat stores? Fat chance!! That’s what.

So if we switch the day around and turn it low carb, this is what is may look like:-

  1. Eggs & avocado for breakfast – 3g carbs
  2. Tuna with salad or veges for lunch – 5g carbs
  3. Vege curry with cauliflower ‘rice’- 5g carbs
  4. Berries for a snack – 5g carbs

So only 18 carbs and you have room for a few more things. So you are still eating and you are still full and not starving yourself but the shift from 140g carbs to 18 carbs? Mind blowing in terms of weight loss.

In my weight loss experience, the difference was astounding and as I mentioned I had to add some carbs back to stop losing more weight!

So the last thing I want you to do is become obsessive about it and count carbs in every little thing you eat. That would be boring and tedious and just as bad as calorie counting and weighing and measuring your food instead of living your life and having fun. But if you want to learn more, then in the short term by all means just take a casual interest in the carb levels in food, knowing that your aim is to amass a list of low carb foods that you just select from now on and knowing the rough goal you are aiming for is 20 carbs a day.

You will be pleased and surprised to find that butter, cheese, cream all make the low carb grade, all the nut butters, all the berries and melons, most veges except potatoes. All nuts, seeds, meat, fish, coconuts, coconut milk, raw cacao, avocados and good oils are great as well. There are lots and lots of yummy stuff you can eat while having the body of your dreams as well. And a double bonus, you are not as hungry! How awesome!

Don’t believe me? Just try it and see if it makes a difference for you. All this awareness is incredibly exciting!!! Why? Because it’s just another piece of the easy weight loss puzzle and means you can ditch the starvation and torture.

Happy experimenting!


Kristy xxx

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2 thoughts on “Carbs… holy moley!

  1. Amanda

    Hi Kristy darling, So true!! I too believe that the key to weight loss is to lower the carb count! When I eat (which is often) chicken/tuna salads or a bowl of prawns dipped in whatever sauce I have for lunch, salmon and vegies for dinner (no potato), steak and sald or vegies etc and I snack on sliced meats from the deli and fruit, I LOSE weight or stay unbloated and easily maintain my weight. I feel full and its so easy but as soon as I start eating more carbs but am still eating very healthy, I seem to put on a little weight (and bloat!). I never ever ever want or crave sweet foods, dont ever eat cake, choccies or biscuits, dont eat alot of bread or junk because Im just not interested in them but I still put on weight even though I eat extremely well so I say its the carbs….could be the savignon blanc I love and wont give up!! Loved the way you wrote it too. So natural and funny. Keep up the good work. Love M xxxx

    1. slimbirdy

      Hi Mandy! Thanks for your comments and awesome awareness on your part about what different foods do to you. As to the wine, your choice entirely. I do the same with cheese and dairy foods for example, I have read reams of stuff on it that it causes inflammation in the body but I feel good eating it, so I will ignore that part for a while. What ever works for you! Sparkles. Kx


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