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I love the work of Esther Hicks and the Law of Attraction theories because they simply resonate with me. I find myself going, “oh yeah, that’s what happens to me!” all the way through her stuff and the alternative ways to think are easy to apply and mostly common sense, once it’s pointed out to you! Derrrr!

One of the biggest lessons that smacked me in the head is about resistance and the blockages we put up, that stop us getting to where we truly want to go. So it’s not that it’s not out there, or that we can’t have it, or that it’s impossible for me, it’s the fact that we block our own signs, signals and attempts to get there and we don’t even know it!! Crazy huh?!

Much of it comes from what we say and definitely how we think and it seems that the whole of society is set up to be negative, so it’s no wonder we are like that.

I will give you some examples from the weight loss/health side of the coin and some things I have encountered that would definitely be in the resistance camp and would be stopping people from getting the body they love…

From the health perspective, I remember telling a friend Millie one of my theories about junk food messing up your immune system because it’s too busy fighting the ‘invasion of junk’ to fight germs in your body and therefore you get colds and flus more often. She strongly disagreed with me and claimed that if it was true then the government or popular theory out there would be on to it and this information would be readily available.

So this was the start of me learning to keep my theories to myself while I enjoyed years and years of never being sick, where as she complained often that she and her kids were always so sick it was crazy. And all because she was so closed off and resistant to even the possibility of what I said. Oh dear.

Another was friend Carmen who was actually studying nutrition at the time and was overweight. Again she rubbished my no sugar, bread or grain theories preferring the ‘balanced’ eating information she was learning and again after much eye rolling on her part, I let it go. So while I and the whole Paleo movement of people are experiencing sublime health and easily getting and staying at the weight we want to be, she and her resistant thoughts are still overweight.

It’s crazy!

However I get it because I used to be the same, information came at me about diet sodas while I was in the thick of my Diet Coke drinking days and I just laughed it off at the time too. Until I felt worse and worse and read more about it and was horrified. Needless to say by then I was open to that information and dropped the DC like a hotcake. Phew!

So you probably get it that to get a different outcome, you have to do something differently than you are doing now. It may be only a few minor tweaks that you need, where as most people get all motivated and switch straight to overkill with a major Olympic standard overhaul that doesn’t last because its all too hard, too much and mostly unnecessary.

Where as how about we chill out for a bit and just resolve to open our minds to the possibilities a little more? Just think to yourself well it sounds a bit crazy, however I am willing to give it a go, knowing that I can always go back if it doesn’t work for me or make me feel better. All calm, just curious with the possibility of shifting from where you are now. Are you with me?

Then with this approach it becomes a fun game to see what matches and works for you, rather than a whole world of hurt. While I have probably tried and dropped more theories than I have kept on, the ones I did keep helped me slowly and steadily over time get to the lifestyle that really suits me. If I had remained blocked and resistant and kept trying to adhere to the common ‘balance’ theory, or the ‘go to the gym to lose weight’ theory, I would still be overweight, miserable and hating my life.

So refresh and renew your mindset. Catch yourself when a negative, resistant thought comes up and say, “hang on a minute, why am I saying this, do I still believe it? Maybe it’s something I could try? It works for all those people.”

Then after you try it, form a new belief based on ‘your’ experience not what someone else thinks about it. If it works, keep it and benefit or drop it and test out something else.

Your whole new body is just waiting for you to unblock your mind. Go get it!

I would love to hear of any of your blockages that you know you have!

Love & possibilities,

Kristy xxx

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