Down with the health nag!…

“Don’t eat that, it’s no good for you.”

You know that ice-cream will go straight to your hips.”

“What are you doing? Another cookie? You know you shouldn’t be doing that!”

Aaagghhh! The health nag, don’t you just hate them? Unsolicited advice from people who don’t even know your situation, your issues, your dramas or anything about you really.

I have a confession… I used to be one! Ugh, I know, awful right?   The kind of person you want to keep away from because they are so annoying and they unwittingly make you feel bad about how you live your life when it comes to food and eating. No wonder I wasn’t invited out any more!  Ha ha, only joking. 

But I am sorry.

Sorry for all the negativity I’ve inflicted on people in the past, I didn’t mean it, I promise. I just didn’t know any better and really do you know where it came from? For me, it was just a delight that I found the ways to make myself feel so amazing. I just wanted to help people and share the knowledge, in case it works for them too. Saving them years of the pain, anxiety and misery that I had to go through. Totally good intentions!

I thought they would be delighted to find answers and then I discovered something else…not everyone is ready to listen, some don’t respond to the way you say it, some are just not ready to change, and my way may not suit or work for everyone either. It doesn’t help though if the delivery is like you are telling them off! “You shouldn’t eat that!” All you will get is resistance to you and deafness to the message, and as a double bonus, annoy the bejesus out of them!

I remember when I was at the height of my diet cola drinking phase, the bartender where I worked tried to tell me that I shouldn’t drink the stuff as it will give me Alzheimer’s disease. I just smiled at the time and said, “Give me another one please.” And it took me until I experienced a whole world of migraine pain, before I made any changes. I didn’t listen either, so why did I think anyone else would be any different? Derr!

So I learned the best approach, is to live an amazing life and be an example of your own philosophies and beliefs. People will learn by your example or ask questions and as I couldn’t help myself, I poured all my passion, understanding and discoveries in my ebook and when people are at that stage and ready to change their lives, the information will be there. Easy reading, funny stories and no nagging!

Yay for awareness and down with the health nag!

Peace, zen and goji berries.


Kristy xxx

4 thoughts on “Down with the health nag!…

  1. feedmecolor

    Love this! I was just thinking about this today. It’s almost like your way of eating is a religion. Hopefully it will bring you together with similar minded people. When it doesn’t, you shouldn’t force your views on others, just as you wouldn’t force religious views on another. Thanks for bringing this up :)

    1. slimbirdy

      Thanks feedmecolor! You have the wonderful honour of being the very first commenter on my blog! Thank you! I was just creating it and haven’t promoted it yet, so the fact that you found it is great! And your take on it is exactly the feel of the post and well illustrated. All the best with your blog. SB


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