“If it’s stupid but it works – it isn’t stupid.” Lau Tzu

I found this quote on the wall of the Magic Apple Café, which is a fantastic little eatery in Burleigh Queensland serving amazing salads, wholefoods and kick ass healthy desserts. Salads with all kinds of goodness and things going on that I would look in envy and wish I would make them at home. See picture! Magic indeed.


Anyway they have quotes written all over their walls which are cool and interesting reading while you are munching away and this one just jumped out at me:-

“If it’s stupid but it works – it isn’t stupid.” Lau Tzu

And it got me thinking about the opposition I have encountered along the way to finding my happy body. Everyone seems to have a comment about weight loss or how you eat, or what you should eat, or can’t believe that you don’t eat certain things. Especially the ‘everything in moderation’ brigade or the ‘just portion control and exercise, pffft its not rocket science’ crew.

It’s like an avalanche of commentary with everyone believing that they are right across the board, forcing their view on everyone else. It’s as if they can’t bear to allow a different view to their own, lest it somehow makes them wrong, or feel out of place or question the very foundation on which they rely. It’s very interesting, frustrating and annoying at the best of times for peeps who are trying to improve themselves and feel better but need a different way.

Some examples I have had:-

“You can’t just not eat meat, where will you get your protein?”

“What do you mean you don’t eat bread?”

“No wine? Jeepers that sounds boring.”

“How can you resist cake? You must be so disciplined.”

And from other blogs and articles I have read, it seems that other people have copped it too:-

Helene …but boy do people give me a hard time! They say you are not allergic so a little won’t hurt! I even had one person accuse me of attention seeking as I couldn’t eat most of what was offered as finger food at a party – I was discreet & polite they were the ones making a fuss!

Mazi… they don’t just peer pressure you with words but buy ‘gifts’ for you & cook food for you that is so not what you’ve told them you are eating or want to eat.

Cheryl… Friends show concern for your “eating disorder” when you refuse options like sweets or wine.

And it is also magazine articles, instagram and information on other blogs or facebook, especially ones that are trying to quote scientific facts that try to herd you back into the common thinking in case you make too much sense and it works for others too.

A whole change in their belief system would be required and sometimes that is too difficult to face. I am specifically thinking about the low carb way of eating which has worked wonders for me because I am not an exercise junkie, a little bit of mild exercise for sure, but not a fanatic and so I have to adjust my diet accordingly to match my lifestyle and still be the weight I want to be. However this is what I see:-

Instagram – every second healthy food post is about oats or banana smoothies – blow my whole daily carbs in one meal or drink? No thanks.

Magazine – saw an article in a women’s magazine a couple of months back espousing the virtue of carbs and they marched out a number of dieticians who all agreed and claimed you were damaging your health if you don’t eat grains. Tell that to the Paleo crew.

Facebook – recipes with a whole cup of dates in it! Carb explosion. There was even one cheesecake recipe that had a cup of dates in the base and another cup in the filling. I applaud the willingness to move away from processed chemical foods and dates are certainly a great way to do that, however I look at healthy as well as the weight loss point of view, and unfortunately dates with 20 carbs in each one doesn’t make the grade. (You would be healthy for sure but you still couldn’t fit into your pants!)

Online article – again blasting a low carb way of eating, claiming that high protein diets damage your health. Now who said anything about high protein? If they mean the Atkins style diet that encouraged slabs of meat at every meal, then sure you are over taxing your organs and digestive system and this would be an issue. But I don’t eat meat and low carb doesn’t automatically mean high protein. Adequate protein sure thing, but jeepers talk about jumping to conclusions!

I guess the point of my rant is that bottom line you will get opposition to your way of eating no matter what it is. People often think their way is the only way. (So not true.)  Be brave, be strong, keep going and just think to yourself, “well it works for me, so it’s not stupid.”



Kristy xxx

2 thoughts on ““If it’s stupid but it works – it isn’t stupid.” Lau Tzu

  1. kdeben

    Love this quote!!! It’s so true!! For many years, people looked at me sideways about my food choices, be it vegetarian, low gluten or dairy free. But I know what works for me. Now I’ve realised that the more confident I am in my choices, the less other people seem to comment or even notice. Thanks Kristy for your great inspiration! 🙂

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