The sneak up on me factor…

Everyone’s lives are busy you know? Darting here and there just to keep up and fit things in so you’re not missing out on anything or leaving anything undone. Does anyone sit under a tree in the back yard and read a book any more? And if they do, can they relax and enjoy it or are they feeling guilty about not being productive and feel lazy? I know I do.

Anyway, that’s a whole other blog post but getting back to ‘the sneak’… this was a concept I only realised was happening while reflecting back on when I was overweight. You would go about your life, so busy and bam! without realising it, you were 10kgs (22lbs) overweight.  Suddenly your jeans won’t do up any more and you wonder how that happened all of a sudden?

Of course it has been happening slowly and steadily with all the choices you have made along the way and most of these are unconscious choices, just habits formed over time, automatic pilot. Which is great if you are on the right track to get you where you want to be. Not so much when you are heading to Blubber Town.

Mostly though ‘the sneak’ happens in subtle, innocent ways with another piece of toast, “oh yeah, I will just have one more because I am hungry today,” which then just becomes two all the time, or maybe three. Or “yes I will have that piece of cheesecake with my coffee, just this once” which becomes “which cake will I have today?” “Another glass of wine?” “Sure. So where else are we going out this week to party?” And before you know it, your pants don’t fit, you are feeling like crap, probably looking like crap and wondering how did it all happen!?!

So knowing that ‘the sneak’ exists is very enlightening. It actually is best friends with psycho foods, which I detail more about in my ebook but in summary, these are foods which you just can’t stop eating no matter how much you try to portion control, or just have one, or have some only on Sundays. Doomed to fail.

So I have removed all my psycho foods from my diet, however a few things that remain have mild psycho traces which starts ‘the sneak.’ However now, I can identify what it is more quickly and stop it before major damage occurs (like 1kg (2lbs) over weight instead of 10kgs (22lbs), or feeling not quite right and working out what may have caused it before getting really sick.)

It happens to me now with caffeinated tea. So your seemingly innocent cup of soothing black tea with soy milk and a touch of stevia which gives a little buzz from the caffeine and as someone else described it – feels like a soothing warm bath on the insides – has an undesirable effect on me if left unchecked.

So my normal routine is drink a 600ml bottle of water on my way to work, which seems to work for my hydration, my elimination and all the little cells that need their bit to do their thing; all under control and everyone happy. Then I also take my super traveller Keep Cup in glorious colours of teal, green and blue, where I would have a cup of either chamomile tea or other herb tea or black tea depending on the mood. Usually the sequence is that when I finish the water, I can move on to the other.

However somehow last week, I found myself still taking the water but the tea of choice was always the black tea and no other herb tea. Then for some reason I was breaking the routine and drinking the tea first and not the water at all. For a whole week, without me really noticing.

Until my body told me!

I was looking in the mirror getting dressed and I noticed my stomach was really big and distended. No pain or anything, just not looking like normal. I thought this is weird. Then I thought back over the last few days and released I hadn’t pooped for a couple of days which is so unlike me – usually now daily if not twice daily. (Sorry for the graphic detail but this stuff is important!! As a friend who had bowel cancer told me, “Poo is not taboo!”)  

So I was drinking only caffeinated tea instead of water or even herbal tea and dehydrating my body, so it was reacting accordingly. “Sorry, no extra water to assist with elimination, only other cells and essential organs go first. So back it all up until the water comes through. Assume emergency mode.”

So now being aware of ‘the sneak’ and my body signals, I was able to figure it all out and know what to do next. So the following day, I went back to my 600ml water first thing and only herbal tea and guess what? Well I think you can guess!

My poor body, but see when you know what the signs mean, you can be kind to yourself and do what you need to do get the best results. All awareness, all bliss.

Do you have any sneak habits?



Kristy xxx

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