OMG! I couldn’t believe it.

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I couldn’t believe what I saw the other day! I just thought – “right, this is nuts, I have to finish my book on losing weight the easy way.”

I was doing my morning walk in Brisbane, in a beautiful parkland area around the back of my place. It has creeks, paths and bird life; it’s a gorgeous place to walk and one section goes past a gym. As I was walking past, I saw a bunch of overweight people piling out with a couple of trainers and it had been raining the night before, so there was mud and water all over this paddock/grass area where they were all tiptoeing through the water to assemble.

I thought to myself, “they must be going to take them on a nice walk on the path where I had been and perhaps do some leg stretches and standing push up things on the railings around the path.” Even though it had been raining, it was sunny now and just a beautiful walk under the trees.

I reached the end of my path and turned around and as I walked back past them, I couldn’t believe my eyes… the stupid trainers had them in groups doing runs in the wet muddy grass, SITTING on the wet/muddy grass doing sit ups and FACE DOWN in the wet/muddy grass doing push ups.

personl trainers, gym, boot camp, weight loss
I couldn’t believe it.

All of them looked absolutely miserable, not only was it super unpleasant, they were also ruining their good gym clothes and shoes and they looked like they were wearing expensive stuff. Some of them were trying to do it on the path instead of in the puddles, so they didn’t end up looking like they had just played a game of skirmish. Just nuts.

And I just thought – “noooooooo! It doesn’t have to be this way; you don’t have to torture yourself like this to lose weight and be miserable.” We already know that 80% of people who join a gym don’t go and it’s no jolly wonder! I would love to know the drop out rate for that particular class. If it was me I certainly wouldn’t have gone back, how humiliating. Note that none of the trainers were on the ground doing it with them. They were just standing there with their clipboards; simply terrible.

o I thought that’s it, get it done and help poor people like this because all they want is to be a normal body weight and they don’t know how.

So the book is out and I am so proud to report that it is helping people already! What a thrill!

So for those who haven’t seen it yet, simply enter your email on the home page and I will send a sneak peek on to you! And for those who have, thanks for your support and I hope it’s helping! I look forward to getting to know you all , hearing your stories and sharing some incredibly easy, tasty recipes.

Sunshine and Chocolate Tweets.

Kristy xxx

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